Indigo Provides Leaders in Higher Education

With Critical Data 

Self-Awareness for Students

Indigo works with a number of universities across the nation to provide Sherlock, the industry's first AI platform based on self-awareness, which enables students to find a path to a fulfilling future.

What Sherlock Helps You Do
  • Know, engage and advise every single learner.

  • Identify students at risk of dropping out. 

  • Guide students to their best-fit majors.

  • Unlock the factors that are contributing to students dropping out of critical programs. 

  • Increase diversity and attract more students with aligned marketing messages. 

  • Auto-generate high performing classroom teams.

  • Understand the unique needs, motivators, and communication styles of your students.

Online Curriculum

The same personalized data behind Sherlock is the basis for Indigo's online self-awareness and career readiness course. The course provides step-by-step guidance to help students map out a path to a fulfilling future and is typically incorporated as homework assignments into a Freshmen 101 Class.

How Higher Education is Using Indigo
  • Engineering programs to increase industry needed soft skills, diversity and retention.

  • Leadership programs to support mentorship, leadership development and self-awareness. 

  • Entrepreneurship programs to identify and train high potential entrepreneurs. Build entrepreneurial teams

  • Honors colleges to build community, offer world-class advising and support high achieving students under stress. 

  • Freshmen Orientation and 101 Classes to help students pick the right majors and extracurricular activities.

  • Senior Capstone Classes to form high performing teams, prepare students for job interviews and resume writing, and to collect longitudinal data on the impact of a university program over time.

How Indigo's Data is Used by Colleges 

The Data You've Been Missing to

Build the College You Want 

It's a Whole New World Out There!

Here’s the hard reality: only 63% of students are graduating from college. Out of those that do graduate, only 50% are attaining jobs on par with their education. Even so, 66% of those attaining the “right” jobs are not satisfied in their position. Students who are unsure of their future direction are more likely to drop out.


Universities and other post-secondary programs want to do a better job of equipping students for the type of careers that they will actually enjoy, and students need more information to pinpoint precisely what they are looking for in a career.

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