The Data You've Been Missing to

Truly Engage Your Students 

Personalized Pathways for Students

Indigo works with middle schools and high schools in districts across the nation to provide Sherlock, the industry's first AI Social Emotional Learning platform based on self-awareness, which enables students to find a path to a fulfilling future. 

What Sherlock Helps You Do  
  • Know and engage every single learner.

  • Identify at-risk students (MTSS Tier 1 Universal Basic Screener).

  • Guide students to their best-fit in school and along their ideal post-secondary path.

  • Auto-generate high performing classroom teams.

  • Understand the unique needs, motivations, and communication styles of your students.

Online Curriculum

The same personalized data behind Sherlock is the basis for Indigo's online self-awareness and career readiness course. The course provides step-by-step guidance to help students map out a path to a fulfilling future.

Parents' Night

One of the most popular programs at Indigo is Parents' Night. Learning about their child's profile helps parents to better understand their children and support the path forward that will be most fulfilling for each child.

See the Many Ways Indigo's Data is Used in Schools 

The Data You've Been Missing to

Build the District You Want 

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Professional Development
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Leads the Way
It's a Whole New World Out There!

The Indigo Assessment and Sherlock help districts meet the challenges of the future. Whether its making better hires, improving staff retention, professional development, advanced leadership training, or high-level district consulting, Indigo provides the data and expertise you need to build the district you want.

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